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"So Much For So Little"

Exercise equipment can be pricey, but the StepFree pelvic muscle toning program is priced very reasonably.

So why not start your pelvic muscle toning program today? Consult your doctor about bladder control problems to help determine the underlying cause and best treatment for you.

* Simple step-by-step program

* One cone shell and five graduated weights: 20-70 grams

* Progress benchmarks through graduated weights goal encourage compliance

* Saves teaching time

* Helps women isolate pelvic floor muscle group

* Specially designed to fit natural shape, ensuring comfortable
insertion and removal

* Simple home-based program designed to be part of patient's

* Uses typical stress episodes for training, such as coughing, to
build both muscles and confidence

* Easy-to-use, safe pelvic muscle training aid specifically designed
to assist women in identifying and exercising the appropriate
muscle groups.


setp free vaginal weights
The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program consists of
inserting a weighted plastic cone into the vagina (just like inserting a tampon). Once in place, you squeeze your pelvic muscles to hold the weight in place. As your muscles strengthen, you will increase the weight inside the cone.


That’s it!

This system allows you to see for yourself the progress
and improvement you are making. These exercises are
comfortable and discreet. This program is virtually
Studies have shown that pelvic floor muscle programs, such as StepFree, can improve bladder control for many women within 4-6 weeks.

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program is one of the least expensive programs available on the market today.

Many women have improved their bladder control by using pelvic muscle exercises (also called Kegel exercises).
These exercises strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscles; however, they must be done correctly and consistently.

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program consists of five interchangeable vaginal weights (20 - 70 grams), one
ABS plastic shell* (less than one inch in diameter and approximately two inches in length), easy to follow patient instructions, and a compact case.

In prospective, comparing the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises with vaginal weights
in combination of these two techniques produced greater improvement in urinary incontinence.

How To:

You may want to make your exercises a part of your normal daily routine by doing them during daily activities, such as brushing teeth, doing your hair, making the bed, etc. Making the exercises a part of your routine will help you stay with the program and reach your goal of improved bladder control. You may find it easier to use the vaginal weights in the morning, because later in the day, your muscles can become tired.

1. Always clean the cone and weights before exercising.

2. Begin the exercise program with the heaviest weight you can retain for one minute. If at any time you feel the cone slipping out, use your finger to gently push it back in place.

3. Follow steps, "How To Insert The Vaginal Cone," which follow, and work up to keeping the cone in place for five minutes. For best results, move about while the cone is in place. There are fewer benefits if the cone is used while sitting or lying down.

Choosing The Proper Weight:

1. Take weight #1 (the lightest vaginal weight) and screw it into the cone. The weight numbers are imprinted on the case below the weights.

2. Insert the cone into your vagina.

3. Try to hold the cone in place while walking around for one minute.

4. If you can successfully walk while holding the cone in place, remove the #1 weight from the cone and go on to weight #2. Try to hold vaginal weight #2 in place for one minute while walking.

5. Continue trying heavier weights until you reach the heaviest weight you cannot retain for one minute. The heaviest weight you can retain for one minute is the vaginal weight you should use to start your exercise program.

Getting your weak pelvic muscles adequately toned up can take up to three months or more. Once you've progressed to the point where your pelvic muscles are well-toned and your bladder control has improved, you'll want to continue exercising twice a day for fifteen minutes at least two or three days a week to maintain that muscle control. Continued exercise is the key to continued success.

If you can't hold the lightest weight, try performing the pelvic floor muscle exercises while keeping your finger on the tip of the cone where the removal string is attached. This will reduce the apparent weight of the cone. You may also want to try this while lying down.
If you can easily hold the heaviest weight without contracting your pelvic floor muscles, most likely the cone is positioned incorrectly. Remove and reinsert it.

Inserting- the cone is as easy as inserting a tampon.

1. Use the toilet before you begin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Screw one half of the cone onto the proper end of the weight until it stops turning, then screw the other half of the cone onto the weight until the two halves are snug. Do not force them beyond the point where they are snug.

3. If lubrication is needed to make the cone easier to insert, you may want to wet the cone with water, or use some type of lubercant.

4. From a semi-squatting position (or with one foot on a chair or toilet), spread your labia (vaginal lips) as you would for insertion of a tampon. Insert the cone, rounded end first, into your vaginal opening, with the string end pointing down. You can also insert the cone lying down.

5. Only the string should be felt protruding from your vaginal opening. If the cone is inserted properly you may have the sensation that it's coming out, but you won't see it or feel it with your hand.

6. Make sure the cone is in the right position by inserting a finger into your vagina beside the removal string until you feel the cone. You should feel the tapered end of the cone with the string at the tip of your finger. Be careful not to push the removal string into your vagina.

7. You retain the cone by tightening your pelvic musdes. After you nave mserteCl tile cone mto your vagina, keep your finger on the tip of the cone near the string and tighten your pelvic muscles around it. You should feel the cone being pulled upward into your vagina and away trom your fingertip. This is how you can tell you've positioned the cone properly, and you're contracting the correct muscle. If you don't feel the cone moving upward, or if you feel it being pushed back toward your finger, you're probably tightening your stomach muscle. Try tightening with your pelvic muscles again until you feel the cone moving correctly. Pretend you're interrupting your urine flow. It may take some practice, but it's important to exercise the right muscles. Once you can do this, you're on your way. Once the cone is properly inserted, wear underwear to catch it if it falls out.

Removing the Cone:
Using the same position you used to insert the cone, relax and slowly pull on the string until the cone is removed. If you cannot feel the removal string, simply place one or two fingers into your vagina around the cone, and remove it.

Cleaning your StepFree Vaginal Weight Set:

1. Rinse the cone and used weights in warm, not hot, water.

2. Use a soft cloth and a mild soap such as Ivory or an antibacterial hand soap. Gently scrub the cone surface, the string and any used vaginal weights. Do not use alcohol or a product containing alcohol as it may cause damage.

3. Thoroughly rinse the cone and vaginal weights under warm tap water to remove all soap residue.

4. Thoroughly dry the cone and used weights with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Store the cone and weights in the container provided.