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  • Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause bladder control problems
  • Step Free Vaginal Weights can help in locating and squeezing the correct muscles.


Specially designed Step Free vaginal weights for strengthening the pelvic muscles can augment
pelvic floor exercises.

Training with vaginal weights can prevent in
most all cases surgery and the weakening of pelvic muscles.

They can be used in combination with other therapies for incontinence, including external and implantable electrical stimulation systems.

Kegel Weights are a simple but effective exercise aid for treating female urinary stress incontinence and improving pelvic floor function. Step Free Vaginal Weights adapt superbly to a wide range of physical conditions and levels of muscle tone which is one of the most versatile cone system available.

Bladder control can be a function of muscle control, specifically the pelvic floor muscles extending from the pelvic bone to the tailbone. Childbirth and aging can weaken these muscles. However, problems aren't limited to older women. Young women can also experience incontinence. So it's never too soon to start a program of prevention with vaginal weights.vaginal

Many women have improved control by using a pelvic muscle toning regime called Kegels. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However, these exercises must be done correctly and consistently.

The Stepfree vaginal weights toning program simplifies the process.

The program is easy to learn and done in fifteen minute segments twice a day.

You may want to make your exercises a part of your
normal daily routine by doing them during daily
activities, such as brushing teeth, doing your hair,
making the bed, etc. Making the exercises a part of
your routine will help you stay with the program and
reach your goal of improved bladder control. You may
find it easier to use the vaginal weights in the
morning, because later in the day, your muscles can
become tired.

The StepFree Program Really Works Studies have
shown that pelvic floor muscle programs, such as
StepFree, can improve bladder control for many
women within 4-6 weeks. Ask your doctor about
pelvic floor muscle exercises and the StepFree
program. (So Much For So Little)

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program is one of
the least expensive programs available on the market
today. Consult with your doctor about bladder control
problems to help determine the underlying cause and
best treatment for you.

StepFree makes it easy to exercise. Women improved
bladder control using the StepFree program.

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program consists
of five interchangeable vaginal weights (20 - 70
grams), one ABS plastic shell* (less than one inch in
diameter and approximately two inches in length),
easy to follow patient instructions, and a compact





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